Creating a project

How to create a project and assign it to a team

When you create a project, you'll also need to assign it to a team. You can create a project from the organization or team level, but it will need to be assigned to a team before people can work on it.

An organization manager and an account manager can create projects from both the organization and team levels. A team manager can only create projects from within his team.

From the Organizations page

Step 1: From either an organization or a team, click on the PROJECTS tab, and then click on NEW PROJECT button

Step 2: Type in the project name.

Step 3: If you select a team to assign this new project to, select permission of that team on the new project.

pageResource permissions

Step 4: Click on CREATE PROJECT.

The new project will be created and will also be assigned to the selected team with selected permission.

The selected team and all of its child teams (both current child teams and those added in the future) will automatically have the same permission that you selected at the moment of assigning. You can also change the permission later.

From the project drop-down

Step 1: From anywhere on Flood, click on the project dropdown icon on the task bar, and then select NEW PROJECT

Step 2: Type in your project name and fill out the fields. Then click Create Project.

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