Resource permissions

Who can access and modify resources

Projects, streams, and floods must be created in that order; that is, it is not possible to create a flood without first creating a project, then a stream, and then a flood. When you first sign up to a new account with Flood, a default project will be created for you.

When a project is created by an account manager or an organization manager at the organization level, they will be asked to assign it to a team. They'll then be asked whether to give the team Admin, Read, or Write permissions.

When your team manager creates a project for your team (on the team level), your team will automatically receive Admin permissions.

Either way, all members of any one team will share the same permissions with regards to a project.

Read permissions

A team given Read permissions of a project can:

  • View the team's permissions on the project

  • View all streams within a project

  • View all floods within a project

  • Create shareable links to all floods

  • View full logs of all floods

  • Download the files (test data, test script, and other files uploaded) and results of all floods

Write permissions

A team given Write permissions on a project can do everything for Read permissions above plus the following:

  • Create new streams and floods

  • Modify and delete streams

  • Launch new grids

  • Modify (extend, reboot, or stop) grids

  • Start floods from any stream

  • Stop and delete floods

Admin permissions

A team with Admin permissions on a project can do everything from the Read and Write permissions plus the following:

  • Change project name

  • Delete project

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