Creating an organization

When you sign up to a new Flood account, a default organization will be created for you. However, you can always create more organizations to reflect the structure of your company.

Step 1: Click on avatar at the upper right corner, and then select Organizations .

Step 2: Click on NEW ORGANIZATION.

Note that this button is visible only when you are the Account Owner. Otherwise, you will not see it.

Step 3: Fill out the fields relating to your organization.

By default, your name will show up in the “Assign Organization Manager” field. You can click on the X icon to remove your name, and input email addresses of other people who you want to invite to become organization manager of the new organization.

Tip: you can leave the “Assign Organization Manager” field blank at the moment of creating the organization. This means that the newly created organization will have no member. You can then invite members later.


The side sheet will close and you will see the new organization. The invited organization managers (if any) will receive an email saying they have been invited to become the organization managers.

To accept, they'll need to click Accept Invite and follow the prompts to create a Flood account, if they haven't already.

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