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Removing members

Removing a member from an account, organization, or team
These instructions apply for removing members from an account, organization, or team, but the screenshots will only show removing members from a team. The steps will be the same for the account and organization levels.
The account owner, organization managers, and team managers can remove members from a team. The account owner and organization manager can remove members from an organization. Only the account owner can remove a member from an account.

Step 1: From the MEMBERS tab of an account, organization, or team, select the checkboxes before the members you want to remove.

Step 2: Click on “Remove from team”.

You will see a confirmation popup :

Step 3: Click on Remove to confirm your action.

Removed members will disappear from MEMBERS tab of current account, organization, or team.
Members that were removed from a team will still exist in the organization and account level, until someone remove them from organization or deletes them from account.
If a member exists in both a parent team and a child team, and you remove them from the parent team, then that member will still exist in child team.
Only an account owner can remove members from an account.
An account owner cannot remove herself from the account. To do this, she will need to first contact support and nominate us to move account ownership to someone else.