Each permission level has a manager and a member. As a general rule, managers are able to create and edit roles and resources within their level. Members are only able to interact with existing resources on their level.

Team member

When new members are invited into the Flood account, they will also need to be be invited to a team. This means that team members will also be organization members and account members at a minimum.

When a project is assigned to a team by an organization or account manager, the team will be given either admin, write, or read permissions. All members of the team will have the same permissions with regards to projects they are assigned.

Team members can:

  • View organizations they belong to

  • View organization settings (location, website, support email)

  • View account usage

  • View their personal details

  • Modify their passwords

  • View the API Access page including the API token (but they will still only be able to run floods and start grids if they have the permissions to do so for that project)

  • View all the members of their teams

  • View all projects assigned to their teams and sub-teams

  • View team settings

Team manager

A team manager has the same permissions as a team member, but they can also:

  • View members of their teams' sub-teams

  • Invite members to their teams or sub-teams

  • Modify roles of members in their teams or sub-teams

  • Delete members from their teams or sub-teams

  • View projects assigned to their teams or their teams' sub-teams

  • Read, update or delete projects created within their teams' sub-teams

  • View all their teams' sub-teams in the organization

  • Create, view, update, or delete sub-teams within their teams

  • View and update settings of teams or sub-teams

  • Create projects within their teams or sub-teams

These abilities only relate to any teams that they are managers of. In a situation where someone is a member of Team A but a manager of Team B, he or she will only be able to manage Team B.

Organization member

An organization member can:

  • View members and managers of their organization

  • Be assigned to one or more teams

Note that an organization member can only interact with resources (such as projects) if they are also a team member of the team the project has been assigned to.

Since members are invited into teams, it's not possible for there to be an organization member that is not also a team member.

Organization manager

Organization managers can do everything the previous roles can, but they can also:

  • Add or remove members from the organization

  • Create, modify, or delete projects within the organization

  • Assign projects to teams

  • Update Organization settings

  • View all members in the organization

  • Add, delete, or modify the roles of members of any team in the organization

  • Delete teams

  • Remove access to projects by teams

Account member

An account member can:

  • View members and managers of their account

  • Be assigned to one or more organizations and teams

Since members are invited into teams, it's not possible for there to be an account member that is not also an organization member and a team member.

Account owner

The account owner has the highest level of permissions on the entire Flood account, and can do anything that all other roles can do. In addition, he or she can:

  • Create, delete, or view organizations

  • View or edit billing details

  • View or edit Integrations

  • Modify resources and run floods in every project on the account

  • Request the support team to change the account owner

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