Circle CI

How to use Circle CI with Flood

To have Tricentis Flood automatically repeat a test when a build is completed, you need to create a webhook using the Flood API. You can repeat existing flood tests with the following endpoint:


Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen on Circle CI. When the specified events happen, Circle CI will send a POST request to each of the URLs you provide. You can configure these notifications in your circle.yml

    # A list of hook hashes, containing the url field
    - url:


  • region optional target region to launch the test in

  • grid optional use a specific grid UUID to launch the test in instead of a region

If a grid region or uuid is not specified then the flood test will be repeated on all available grids for your account.


curl --silent -X POST


This webhook allows third party services to repeat a specific test, and allows anybody who has it to run a test against your server. If you think your webhook has been compromised you should delete the corresponding flood test from your account to prevent further use of that token.

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