Starting a demand grid

How to start a load generator in the cloud

You can start a demand grid (using our AWS account) from the Launch tab of the Stream Editor when you're starting a flood. In this screen, you can set options for the grids that will be started.

Select the regions that you want to start grids in and set the number of users, duration, and ramp up that you need for your test. When you launch the test, we'll automatically calculate how many grids you need for your test and start them for you.

We'll start at least one grid for each region that you select. Depending on the number of users that you set, we may start more than one node within that grid to make sure that the resource utilization on all nodes remain healthy.

You can find out more information about these parameters by clicking on the link below.

pageLaunching your test

Each grid node will run the exact same copy of the test plan and whatever configuration you set for the Flood. Note that nodes are independent of each other; no information passes between nodes.

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