Host Your Own infrastructure

Using Flood to run load tests on your AWS or Azure accounts

If you already have your own AWS or Azure account, you can choose to host your own (HYO) grid nodes. This option is available to all users of Flood.

How it works

At a high level, you'll need to integrate Flood with your AWS/Azure account by creating a Flood user with permissions to start and stop instances on your behalf. Once the integration is set up, you'll be able to control the grids from the Flood UI.

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Advantages of HYO infrastructure

There are a few reasons why you might choose to HYO nodes.

  • More control over the nodes you start You can use different instance types other than the default instance type that we use, enabling you to run more users per node. You can also use static IP addresses for your nodes.

  • Lower cost with AWS gained from using spot prices for instances

  • Ability to track allocation of spending via custom billing tags

  • Lower cost with Flood if you're willing to prepay upfront for a year or more-- contact us

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