Starting a HYO grid

How to start a grid on Flood using your own infrastructure

One of the advantages of using your own infrastructure to run your test is that you have more control over your grids. The process to start a demand grid is different because we choose a lot of the parameters for you.

To start a HYO grid, click on the Grids link on your toolbar.

Then, click Launch Grid.

If you've correctly set up your AWS or Azure account to work with Flood, you should be able to select it in the Account dropdown menu. Then you can follow the prompts to configure your grid to your specifications, including the number of nodes you want in the grid (up to 90), the instance type, and the geographical location. You'll also be able to set its duration.

Hit Launch Grid and we'll automatically spin up the infrastructure for you. When the nodes are ready they'll change from orange to green, but you can select your recently launched grid anyway.​

Grids take around 5 minutes to start and are automatically stopped based on your settings or you can stop them earlier if you happen to finish your testing for the day.

Once the grids start, you'll be able to select them in the Stream Editor before launching your test.

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