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Allowing read-only access to your AWS Management Console for HYO grid troubleshooting

How to set up a read-only access user to your AWS management console for Flood Support to verify your hosted settings
When troubleshooting issues with Hosted grids, we'll often need to verify your configuration in the AWS management console. Setting up a new IAM user with read-only permissions is a great way to allow the Flood Support team to verify your AWS configuration safely and securely.
To do this, you'll need be an Administrator with root credentials for your AWS account.

Creating an IAM user and group

From the AWS Management console dashboard - go to IAM - Identity and Access Management area.
Click on the Users link under IAM Resources
Click on the Add user button.
Set the username to flood-support ​*The username can be changed to whatever you feel adequately shows that this a read-only flood-support account.
Select and enable the AWS Management Console access type. Uncheck the Require password reset option *The require password reset option is not needed however it can be left enabled if required.
Click the Next: Permissions to go to the next step.​
Here we can create a new permissions group that specifies that Flood Support Engineer's can have read-only access to your AWS management console.​
In the Create group menu - type flood-support-group for the Group name.
Search for the policy called AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess and select it from the list.
Click Create group
Now we can add the flood-support user to the new group that contains Read Only Access.
Click Next: Tags
We don't need to add any tags unless you need to to adhere to your organisation's policies.
Click Next: Review
Reviewing the details should present your selections made in the previous steps. Click Create user to confirm the details and finish the process. ​
The final screen should show that the user was created successfully. ​