How to get the IP address of your grid node

Getting the grid node's IP from the dashboard and from the API

If you're using our grid nodes, the IP addresses will change every time you start a node. If you are using your own AWS account on our Hosted option, it's possible to set elastic IP addresses so that they have the same addresses each time. ​ A common reason to want to get the IP address of your grid node is to get across your application server's firewall. Sometimes load throttling is enabled to prevent too many requests from being sent from the same IP address. You could always just spin up more grid nodes to generate load from different IP addresses, but this can get costly very quickly. Another option is to get the current IP address and then whitelist it on your firewall. Note, however, that you will have to do this for each new grid node you start. (If you have static IP addresses, you'll only have to do this once per grid node.) ​ There are two ways that you can get the IP address of a running grid node: through the Flood dashboard and through our API. ​

Flood Dashboard

Flood API

You can also programmatically query our API to get the IP address of a grid node.

Then send this curl command to our API:

curl -su ${FLOOD_API_TOKEN}: -X GET "" | jq -r .

This is the response you'll get, from which you can extract the IP address.

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/api/grids/y9UVjMXUmUB0tyfbihhw0w"
  "uuid": "y9UVjMXUmUB0tyfbihhw0w",
  "stream": "y9UVjMXUmUB0tyfbihhw0w",
  "name": "diluted-hopper-production-y9UVjMXUmUB0tyfbihhw0w",
  "region": "us-west-2",
  "origin": "US West (Oregon)",
  "instance_quantity": 1,
  "instance_type": "m4.xlarge",
  "infrastructure": "demand",
  "stop_after": 60,
  "status": "started",
  "_embedded": {
    "nodes": [
        "host_id": "3be04d4969dd",
        "instance_id": "i-0ee72d5d55e7934cd",
        "local_ipv4": "",
        "public_ipv4": "",
        "status": "healthy",
        "started_at": "2018-02-28 19:34:13 UTC"

If you have any further questions about getting your IP address, please let us know. We're always happy to help!

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