Launching your test

Setting test parameters for your first flood on the Launch Flood screen

On the Launch screen, you can set some options related to the execution of your test.


Regions refers to the geographical locations that your flood will be executed from. By default, these are AWS availability zones. Choose any one region for now.

For more information about the available regions, go to AWS regions supported.

Users per Region

Enter the number of virtual users you want to run your test. Since this is your first flood, we'd recommend starting with a small number as a proof-of-concept.

For more information about the maximum number of users that you can run on each node, go to Users.


In Duration, you can choose how long you want to run your test. Move the slider or enter the duration in minutes (we recommend up to 15 minutes for now).

For more information about this parameter, you can go to Duration.

Ramp Up

Ramp up is the amount of time it takes for your test to go from 0 users to the number of users that you set. Since we're not running many users now, it's safe to leave it at 0 minutes.

For more information about ramp up, check out Ramp up.

Summary and Launch

You'll see a summary of the settings you've selected, including an estimate of the VUH the test will consume and how much it will cost. Note that they are estimates because the final cost may vary. For instance, if you're still on the free tier, you won't be charged.

Click Launch Test to run your first flood!

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