Monitoring your grids

Getting resource utilization metrics for your grid nodes while your test is running

Monitoring your grids is a good practice to get into when running load tests. To see information about your grid, click on the Grids tab next to Floods.

Here you'll see the node you started in the region you selected as well as some details specific to the node.

During a test, you'll want to watch the resource utilization of your node. This is because resources on a grid are finite; each node has a fixed amount of resources (such as CPU and memory) to run your test.

Flood displays some of these resources in real-time while a test is running. If you scroll down on the Grids page with your grid selected, you'll see graphs for CPU, memory and network.

As a rule of thumb, you will want CPU and memory to be below 80% for the majority of the test. For more information on this, check out Grid resource utilization.

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