How much does it cost?

an explanation of Flood's pricing and billing system

5Introducing Virtual User Hours (VUH)

VUH = (number of users) * (duration of flood in hours)

We charge you based on how many VUH you use over a given month. You just need to multiply two things together to figure out how many VUH you'd need:

  1. How many virtual users do you want to run?

  2. How many hours do you want to run your test?

The product is the number of VUH you need. Once you have that, you can start to estimate your cost.

Note that your usage is always rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes or 0.25 VUH.

How much is a VUH?

Well, that depends on your usage. We want to give heavy Flooders better prices, so the more you use, the cheaper your price will get. Here's a table explaining how that works:

VUH Usage Tiers

When you sign up to Flood, you won't be able to run any tests until you link a valid credit card with us. Since our plans are postpaid, this is a precaution on our end. However, we won't charge you anything at this point.

As you use more VUHs and your usage passes certain thresholds, you unlock a discount on your use and your cost per VUH decreases.

0 - 500 VUH Once you're subscribed, your first 500 VUH are free. You'll get this free allowance every month for as long as you have a valid credit card linked with us. You could use up to 500 VUH per month every month and never need to pay us anything. You only need to pay us when you exceed 500 VUH per month.

500 - 20,000 VUH When your usage exceeds 500 VUH in one month, using up a VUH will initially cost you 4.5¢ (US $0.045). That means that for 4.5¢, you can run 1 virtual user for one hour. ​ 20,000 - 100,000 VUH When your usage exceeds 20,000 VUH a month, you'll be charged 3.6¢ ($0.036) per VUH.

>100,000 VUH ​What happens if you use more than 100,000 VUH? Well, you'll continue to unlock lower prices based on usage. However, at this level we would recommend that you speak to us so that we can make sure you're on the most cost-effective plan for your requirements. We may also be able to give you discounts.


All prices here and elsewhere on Flood are in USD unless otherwise specified. We are not able to charge you in other currencies.

Pricing is independent of tool and infrastructure

For simplicity, your base VUH price is independent of the tool that you're using and whether you're running tests on demand (our cloud accounts), hosted (your cloud accounts), or standalone infrastructure (Flood Agent).

An example

Let's say you used 100,000 VUH in one month.

  • Your first 500 VUH are free: $0

  • Your next 19,500 VUH will be charged at 4.5¢ per VUH. : $877

  • Your next 80,000 VUH will be charged at 3.6¢ per VUH. : $2,880

Your total bill for this month-long billing period will be $0 + $877 + $2880 = $3,757. Next billing period, you'll start from $0 again with your initial free 500 VUH.

When do we charge you?

Our billing cycles are a month long and start from the day that you subscribe. At the end of every cycle, we'll factor in any discounts you might have unlocked that tier and bill your linked credit card.

No recurring payments

Since we don't have subscriptions, we won't charge you unless you use Flood. This allows you to drop in and out of Flood as your testing needs change without having to commit to a contract of any length.

Any other discounts?

Yes! We do offer significant bulk discounts (up to 73%) for Flooders running tests on their own infrastructure. Contact us to ask about this and we'll create a customized plan with your specific needs in mind.

What's included?

All Flooders have access to all of Flood's features, including:

  • Being able to run load tests on your own infrastructure (on your AWS or Azure cloud accounts or on-premise)

  • Integrating with APM tools (DynaTrace, NewRelic, and AppDynamics)

  • Advanced control over Organizations and projects

  • ... and some other exciting features that we're currently developing. Stay tuned!

Still have more questions?

We may have already answered them in our Pricing FAQ article. Otherwise, please contact us and we'll help you out!

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