Why don't I see a VUH estimate?

Unable to estimate total VUH? Here's how to add parameters to your script so that we can give you an estimate

Before you launch a test, we would normally show you an estimate of both the VUH the test will consume as well as how much it will cost. However, you may also get an error like this:​

This error means that your script isn't set up to allow Flood to read your test parameters (such as the values you set for Users and Duration), so we are unable to calculate an estimate for you.

If you get this error message, you have two options.

  1. Check the box labelled "I understand, launch anyway" and you'll be able to launch your test without any estimate. We only recommend this if you prefer to hardcode test parameters in your script or if you don't need to know the VUH and cost estimates.

  2. Modify your script so that you are able to set parameters in Flood. Re-upload your script in the Design tab and that error message should no longer be shown.

Here's our guide for using parameters in your script to allow Flood to overwrite those values. ​ As soon as you are setting those parameters through Flood, we'll be able to show you an estimate.​

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