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Archived Results

How to download Archived Results
Archived Results are raw file system archives for each node and can be downloaded at the completion of a flood load test by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Archived Results.​
This will give you a link to each grid node's results which can be retrieved up to 30 days from the flood's completion.
Download the compressed archive and unzip it to find a folder called flood. Within that folder, you'll find:
  • the filesfolder, in which you can find the script and other data files that you uploaded to Flood before execution
  • the flood.logfile, which is a record of the execution of the test
  • the grid.logfile, which is a print-out of the contents of the console on the grid node
  • the resultsfolder, which for JMeter contains the file results.csv, in which the raw transaction details are recorded
  • the screenshots folder for Element tests, which contains the screenshots from the test depending on the configuration of the script