Grid resource utilization

Monitoring the health of your load-generating grid nodes
While a test is running, we recommend you monitor the resource utilization of your grid nodes. When a grid node it over-utilized, it may become a bottleneck in that it cannot immediately send requests or register responses, which may cause inconsistent or invalid results.
A common reason for over-utilization is running too many users on one node. While we do give out recommended figures for numbers of users, they are for estimation purposes only. We suggest you baseline performance on a single node as it is dependent on your application as well as your script.
To see grid health, click on Grids next to Floods on the toolbar.
Then click on the grid you're interested in.
You will then be able to scroll down and see the CPU, Memory and I/O utilization of that particular grid.​​
Note that this view is only available while the grid node is running. If you'd like historical data, please reach out to our awesome support team and one of us will gladly help you out!