Project view

Comparing your current flood to other floods in the same project

To get to the Project view, select the project you want to view in the dropdown menu next to the Flood logo and then click on Floods.

You'll see a dashboard that looks like the screenshot below. This is the project view.

Elements of the project view

A. The project name is displayed on the upper left-hand corner, above the graph.

C. The date/time bar shows you when the floods were executed. Clicking, holding and dragging over a part of the bar will change your view to show you only the data from that period of time.

To go back to the project view, you can double click on the Date/Time bar.

D. The floods in the project can be found below the graph.

Each card will show the name of the flood in bold on the upper left ("Element Shakeout 1" in the screenshot). Below that, you'll see the flood number (#874), the tool used (Flood Element) and then some key statistics for easy comparison.

Hovering over a card will highlight the corresponding flood on the graph in a light blue.​​

Clicking on a card will change the view to the Flood view, which shows only the data from that flood.

Hover tooltip

Hovering over a point on the graph itself will show you a tooltip with some information about that particular point in time.

This tooltip will show you the Flood Number of the flood the data was collected in, as well as the date and time it was collected.

It will also show you different measurements and their values.

The measurements marked with a circle are graphed as lines, and the measurements that are marked with a square will be shown in the heat map below.​

Explanation of metrics displayed

Number of Concurrent Users - how many users or threads are running at a particular point in time

Response Time - the time between sending the request and receiving the response from your application server, averaged out over all transactions by default (time to last byte)

Transaction Rate - the number of requests executed per minute

Throughput - this refers to network throughput, and is the amount of data being successfully delivered to the grid nodes

Failed Rate - the number of requests with errors returned ​ Passed Rate - the number of successful requests

Changing metrics on the graph

You can click on each metric in the legend below the graph to toggle between graphing the metric, showing it in the heat map, and hiding the metric from view.

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