Migrating from 1.5.1 to 2.0

This page outlines the scripting changes required to successfully migrate from Element 1.5.1 to 2.0.

Element 2.0 contains a number of improvements and changes due to significant Engineering development made 'under the hood' - primarily the change from using Puppeteer as the core engine to using Playwright.

  • chromeVersion: 'stable' has been deprecated as Element 2.0 now gives you the ability to run your script across different browsers such as firefox, webkit, chromiumand chrome. You must now use browser: 'firefox' within your test settings (or the target browser you wish to use). Further information is available here: https://element.flood.io/docs/guides/test-settings#browser

  • suite is no longer supported.

  • --chrome usage is no longer supported. If you wish to run tests with a custom version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or any Chromium-based browsers then you'll need to use the executablePath property in browserLaunchOptions setting or --executablePath CLI flag.

  • brew is no longer supported when installing the Element CLI. Please use yarn or npm.

  • ignoreHTTPSerrors has been renamed to ignoreHTTPSerror.

** For further information regarding changes and improvements for Element 2.0 - please visit https://element.flood.io/docs/start/changelog#200

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