Getting started with Ruby JMeter
Ruby JMeter is an easy to use language which outputs fully-compatible JMeter scripts

Tired of using the JMeter GUI or looking at hairy XML files?
This Ruby Gem lets you write test plans for JMeter in your favourite text editor, and optionally run them on Tricentis Flood.
Install it yourself as:
$ gem install ruby-jmeter

Once you have created or downloaded our basic test plan and saved it locally as a .rb file, you can use the .jmxmethod to run locally or the .flood method to launch this on Flood.
To do so, you require an account and API token. If you don't know your token, sign in to Flood and check your account settings.​

For a more detailed example with Ruby-JMeter find out how to test a Ruby on Rails application or how to test a RESTful API.

To execute the test on Flood, call the .flood method on the test and pass it the API token like this.
test do
threads count: 10 do
visit name: 'Google Search', url: ''
This will then provide you with a link to the live test results on Flood like this.
Results at:
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