Using your own file with JMeter

Need to use your own JMeter properties? Follow this guide to see how you can use a custom file on Flood.

Using your own custom Jmeter system properties file can be extremely useful and powerful for running a test with non-default properties and advanced scenarios.

A large amount of settings are controlled by the configuration file included in the JMeter application distribution.

On Flood, we DO NOT recommend uploading your own file. Instead, please use a file with only the specific properties you would like to change.

The reasons for changing a default property in Jmeter can be due to intended modifications in the following areas:

  • Language

  • XML Parser

  • SSL Configuration

  • Look and Feel configuration

  • Toolbar display

  • JMX Backup configuration

  • Remote hosts and RMI configuration

  • Include Controller

  • HTTP Java configuration

  • Apache HttpClient common properties

  • Kerberos properties

  • Apache HttpClient logging examples

  • Apache HttpComponents HTTPClient configuration (HTTPClient4)

  • HTTP Cache Manager configuration

  • Results file configuration

  • Settings that affect SampleResults

  • Upgrade properties

  • JMeter Test Script recorder configuration

  • Test Script Recorder certificate configuration

  • JMeter Proxy configuration

  • HTML Parser configuration

  • Remote batching configuration

  • JDBC Request configuration

  • OS Process Sampler configuration

  • TCP Sampler configuration

  • Summariser - Generate Summary Results

  • Aggregate Report and Aggregate Graph - configuration

  • BackendListener - configuration

  • BeanShell configuration

  • MailerModel configuration

  • CSVRead configuration

  • __time() function configuration

  • CSV DataSet configuration

  • LDAP Sampler configuration

  • Miscellaneous configuration

  • Classpath configuration

  • Reporting configuration

  • Additional property files to load

  • Thread Group Validation feature

  • Timer related feature

  • Naming Policy

  • Help

Some of these won't apply to Flood as we take care of many User Interface, reporting, and result metrics related functionality.

For further information about any of the above properties - please refer to the official documentation at the Apache JMeter website here:

​ To use and upload your custom file - simply undertake the following steps:


In this example we would like to enable the https.socket.protocols property.


Placing the file under the bin folder will ensure when the file is extracted on the Flood nodes before a test - it gets placed into the correct directory.


Archive the folder structure into a ZIP file.


The user property setting will overwrite the default jmeter property accordingly for your next Flood to use.

That's It!

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