Test parameters

Setting your test parameters from the Flood UI

When launching your test from our Stream Editor, you can specify three specific parameters: threads, rampup and duration.

We never overwrite actual values in your test plans with values entered in the UI. Instead, we create properties with the values you select and rely on you to call these properties in your scripts.

To make sure these these properties are used, remove hard-coded values in your script and replace them with the following, depending on which tool you're using.


${__P(threads, 50)}
${__P(rampup, 60)}
${__P(duration, 120)}

Here's a video demonstration of how this works:

This is also already done for you in our sample JMeter script.


val threads   = Integer.getInteger("threads",  50)
val rampup    = Integer.getInteger("rampup",   60).toLong
val duration  = Integer.getInteger("duration", 120).toLong

​This is what that would look like in your script.

The values forrampupandduration should always be specified in seconds.

You can see this in action on our sample Gatling script.

Test Builder/Selenium/Element

No changes are necessary to Test Builder, Selenium, or Element scripts to be able to set the number of threads, duration, and ramp up from the Flood UI.

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