Help! None of my Grids or Floods are starting!

Here are some possible explanations to why your Grids or Floods might not be starting successfully.

There may be certain scenarios where Grids or Floods may not be starting successfully due to various issues possibly relating to your account, billing and/or a Flood related outage.

Below is a list of possible reasons why you are not able to launch a Grid or Flood.

a. Your free trial may have expired.

A free trial account will only expire its node hours if they haven't been used for at least 90 days. We sometimes have customers who signed up a while ago, ran a small amount of tests, but then later decided to log in again after a hiatus.

When there are account related problems like this you will generally experience the following behaviour when trying to run a Flood or launch a Grid:

These are all telltale signs that your account node hours have expired or run out.

b. Your subscription payment may not have been authorised successfully by our payment provider.

If you have made the decision to upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions, it is also possible that your payment has been flagged by our 3rd party payment provider for various reasons.

This flag response is also sent to our billing platform automatically and as a security measure, you will not be able to start any Grids until it is manually verified by a member of our Customer Success Engineering team.

Please verify and note the following details:

  • Please check that your newly chosen subscription level is the one you expect to be selected.

  • Please check if an invoice has been generated with a recent date.

  • Please note the number of node hours credited and if they are shown in your counter.

Please supply the above information and contact support so we can investigate and get you back up and running.

c. The Tricentis Flood platform may be experiencing issues or an outage.

While we take all necessary steps to ensure the platform is highly available at all times, it is possible that the platform maybe experiencing some difficulties at some times due to upstream service providers or other external / internal factors.

We have a dedicated Flood platform status page ( that will show you metrics on up-time and any current or previous outages that we have encountered.

What can you do about any of these?

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