Inviting team members

How to invite more members into your Flood account

Method 1: Invite members using their email address

Step 1: From the MEMBERS tab of a team, click on INVITE MEMBERS button

Step 2: Input the email addresses of the new members, select role of new members in team, and then click on INVITE MEMBER button .

If the people you'd like to invite to a team are already part of your organization (as part of another team), you can search for them and select them in this screen.

Unlike projects, members are not auto-inherited. This means that a member can exist in parent team but not exist in child teams, and vice versa .

The invited members will show up in the pending invitation tab.

If the invited emails do not already belong to another account on Flood, we will send an invitation to those emails. That said, if your colleagues don't receive any emails, they may already be members of another Flood account. If you want to move them into your account, please contact us at

The invite emails will expire after 7 days, and the expired invites will be automatically removed from the pending invitation tab.

Step 1: From the MEMBERS tab of a team, click on INVITE MEMBERS button.

You will see a section called “Invitation Link” on the side sheet .

By default, the invite link will last for 24 hours from the moment of revealing. However, to ensure security, you can click on REVOKE LINK button before that to invalidate the link after all of your colleagues have joined the team.

It is not possible to invite an account or organization member that is not also a team member. All members invited will also be invited to a team.

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