Cannot show transaction level metrics

Problems rendering transaction level metrics

If you see a message below your main charts that we cannot show transaction level metrics for your flood, this typically means that the cardinality of your results in terms of unique labels is simply too high for Flood to render in a timely manner. ​​

This can occur when you are using unique IDs or dynamically generating label names at run time. For example, if your test followed a redirect path, it may create hundreds if not thousands of labels. Alternatively you might be using a unique identifier for a transaction label, such as a product ID or a user ID which can also create hundreds of unique labels.

We will show this message when you have more than 300 unique labels per test and would encourage you to limit the number of labels to less than 300. Going over this amount will slow down the graphs in your dashboards due to the increase in cardinality.

You will still be able to access the archived results of your test in the event you do exceed your limit.

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